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Blue Light Cleaning LLC was founded by Natalia P. Gibbs who is passionate about helping others with their sanitary requirements.


She is dedicated to providing customized service to ensure tailored solutions for every client.

​Blue Light Cleaning LLC has developed a new “level of clean” with uniformed, career-cleaning professionals focused on helping all types of businesses shine with optimum cleaning solutions.

We strongly advocate in making spaces cleaner for a healthier life.

We are specialists in the cleaning and disinfecting industry and dedicated to making sure you have the right partner service.


We will give you the best results for the best rates.

Natalia P. Gibbs - CEO

Why US

  • Credible, experienced, and certified professionals that will take the hard work out of getting your spaces clean.

  • We work closely with customer’s requirements and we make sure to provide the best service possible.

  • We’re one-stop cleaning services and we are committed to render services on time and at a reasonable cost.

  • We can arrange a flexible schedule.

  • We offer superior cleaning technology

  • We facilitate customizable cleaning programs

  • We are dedicated to providing eco-friendly solutions 

  • We provide an optimum level of service and professionalism

  • We recommend using our electrostatic disinfection sprayer for more thorough and long-lasting protection against viruses and bacteria.


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